The Easiest & Fastest Way To Grow Your Own Herb Garden!

Anyone Can Do It – No Green Thumb Needed!

Infamous plant killers, rejoice! Growing fresh, organic herbs is now easy with the Seedsheet Herb Garden. Whether you’re growing in your backyard, balcony, or kitchen – our DIY kit makes growing your own herbs simple and delicious!

Best part? Each herb garden provides up to $92 worth of Organic, nonGMO Produce!

That’s right – the freshest, healthiest, and most local herbs are now at your fingertips!

Shark Tank Winner! Over 150,000 SeedSheets Sold Worldwide!

  • 6 Delicious Herbs Included – Every Seedsheet Herb Garden includes: Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Dill, Onion Greens and Sorrel.
  • Anyone Can Do It – It’s That Easy! The herb garden is purposely designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Just plant, water, and feast – easy peasy! No experience or green thumb needed.
  • Your Garden Will Talk To You (Customer Favorite Feature)! That’s right – our innovative, easy-to-use, and FREE app will text you when your plants need to be watered and are ready to eat. If you’ve killed a cactus, it’s only because it didn’t communicate with you!
  • Everything You Need Is Included! Your gardening kit includes the Seedsheet (with all your organic herb seeds), fabric gardening container (BPA-Free!), and saucer – everything you need to enjoy your own fresh herbs.
  • Every Seed Is Organic (And Made in USA)! Forget chemicals, pesticides, and engineered foods. Our seeds and soil are organic because you’re not just growing herbs, you’re growing dinner.
  • Perfect For Small Spaces! We select fast-growing companion plants that grow amazingly well together in tight spaces, so you can grow a lot of herbs in a small container. Only takes up 1-sq ft of space!
  • Works Indoors or Outdoors – From your patio or balcony, to your kitchen or windowsill – SeedSheets will easily grow almost anywhere with direct sunlight!
  • 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your Herb Garden, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

Here’s Why Customers Love Seedsheets…


Way, way easy to use. Perfect for patio, balcony or other places where an in-ground or raised-bed garden are not practical. Good idea for sharing the growing process with children. I am going to give as a gift next year at the start of growing season.

This was my first experience with successfully growing anything on my own and I could not be more pleased. My kids, who are 4 and 6, were able to set up the sheet in a pot on their own. They water it daily. We have so much basil! Its so nice to walk out onto your deck and grab some to add to any meal. The spacing of seeds has always been my trouble and seedsheet solves that. We LOVE this product as its completely foolproof.



They arrived on time. They are growing like crazy. I love that if you sign up your phone number they will send you reminders for watering and replanting! It was easy to use and tell which pods where which so I could cut out the ones I wanted.

Love this concept of growing my own herbs on my apartment porch. I received my Herb Seed Sheet in late July and by mid-August it was flourishing. I have previously bought individual plants from the grocery, but I always forget about them so it was a waste of money. So I like having all the herbs in one place. I also bought one for a gift for my sister for her kids to see grow and maintain themselves as a project.


Enjoy Your Own Herb Garden Today!

A unique and GREAT gift for friends and family!

1 – Herb Garden


Included with every
Herb Garden:

– 1 Seedsheet with seeds
– 1 Saucer
– 1 Free iPhone/Android App
– 1 Fabric gardening container (BPA-Free!)


+ S&H

5 – Herb Gardens


Buy 3, Get 2 FREE



FREE USA Shipping 

8 – Herb Gardens


Buy 4, Get 4 FREE



FREE USA Shipping 

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Are seeds included?

Yes! Our dissolvable seed pods contain the very best organic and non-GMO seeds from our partners High Mowing Seed Company and Johnny’s Select Seeds. Depending on the germination rate for each seed type, we include multiple seeds in each pod to ensure germination.

How big are the Seedsheets?

The Herb Garden Seedsheet kits are 12” in diameter and 10” in depth, with handles for easy transporting!

That said, Seedsheet fabric can be easily cut with scissors, so you can simply modify the size to fit your preference.

Do I need to pull weeds?

No weeding necessary! Our seed pods are embedded in a weed-blocking fabric which naturally keeps out weeds, without having to use any harmful chemicals or herbicides. As we like to say, spend time with your kids, not your weeds 😉

The weed blocking fabric is a porous and breathable fabric which will allow moisture and air to flow through, helping to maintain a healthy and mold-free soil. Also, no weeds, did we mention that?

Can I plant my herb garden indoors?

The short answer is, yes! That said, the main factor is how much light you have available. If you have a large window that gets 8+ hours of direct light then you can grow your Herbs without a problem.

Do I have to use herbicides or pesticides?

No! We use sustainable farming principles so that you don’t need to add harmful chemicals to your food. Our Seedsheets™ feature companion planting, where mutually beneficial plants naturally help each other attract pollinators, thwart pests, and improve soil. The weed-blocking fabric prevents sunlight from allowing weeds to germinate and photosynthesize, as well as provides a physical barrier to block their growth, so you don’t have to use any scary herbicides!

Can I get a discount if I order more than 1 herb garden?

Yes! We even created exclusive bundles to make ordering multiple herb gardens more affordable than ever. All of the bundles are available above – the more you buy the more you save!

Pro Tip: They make great gifts that will provide your friends & family with fresh herbs for years to come!

How long will the seeds last in their package?

Seedsheets™ will last two years in their packaging, so you can buy now and plant whenever is most convenient for you. They also make fantastic gifts for your favorite foodies! After 2-years in the packaging, the germination rates for the seeds will start to gradually decrease, however because we plant multiple seeds in each pod to ensure germination, you will likely still have success well beyond the best-by date.

Will the app work with my smartphone?

Our free smartphone app works with almost every Android and iPhone. Once you download it, it will send you reminders for when to water your plants, when they are ready to eat and so much more!

It also includes helpful tips and delicious recipes so you can start using your fresh organic herbs right away.

Note: The app is not required to plant your herb garden – it only adds to the experience.

Is there a money back guarantee and/or warranty?

Yes. We offer a no hassle, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your herb garden, we are happy to help you with a return. We want you to be happy! 🙂